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About Our Signature Student Experience

The Ultimate Student Experience
For international students, the move to a university in the United States can be challenging—a new language, new ways of learning and a new home. Mercer Global makes this transition easier by combining credit-bearing courses from the first year of your degree with additional academic support, instruction and cultural experiences.
Here are some of the benefits Mercer Global offers to help international students succeed in class and in their career.



With the U.S. academic model, you can change majors and explore what interests you, customize your educational experience and pursue your dreams.


Dedicated Support

We understand that every student has individual needs, and we are dedicated to giving you the personalized academic, cultural and emotional attention you require.


Small Classes Sizes

To help you adjust to U.S. student life, you’re given individual attention and tailored support in class. In fact, Mercer has a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio.


American Experiences

Want to explore your new home and make new friends? Join your fellow international students to explore Macon and Atlanta, go to fun campus events and more.


Trained Advisors

We’ll help you choose what to study, provide English language tutoring and even organize group activities so you can meet other students.


Professional Development

With the Career Accelerator program, you’ll gain experience and skills to help you find your dream job. We can even help with finding internship or work opportunities.

The Career Accelerator

Designed specifically for international students and includes:

  • Professional development and career guidance
  • Skills-based training and opportunities for exclusive internships
  • Unique workshops, real-world experiences, and cross-cultural group work

Career accelerator

Preparation for the Global Workplace

The Mercer Global experience provides more than academic, language and cultural growth. With the included Career Accelerator program, you can also gain valuable professional skills that prepare you for a successful career.

Pick the Track that Leads to Your Future



If you are preparing for an internship during college or for your job search once you graduate


Sponsored Business Development

If you are participating in a corporate sponsorship program; includes activities customized for that company or industry


Family Business Development

If you are interested in pursuing a career strengthening and growing a family-owned business



If you want to start, own and manage your own business after you get your degree


Mercer offers a simple, streamlined admissions process for international students.

Our admissions process includes a variety of outcomes designed to ensure your success inside and outside of the classroom. The admissions outcome that is best for you will depend on your academic qualifications, English language level, and personal preferences.

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